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The joke Catalogue as digital media

The catalogue is the core of our company. Not for nothing it is known as the benchmark for every aspect in surface finishing.

Discover more than 6500 of our products on about 530 pages. Of course joke offers even more, but here you can find our bestsellers already summed up for you.

Let yourself be inspired by our catalogue 79!

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1. Driving motors and handpieces

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2. Grinding and polishing tools

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3. Diamond and CBN tools

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4. Chipping tools

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5. Cleaning systems

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6. Blasting systems

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7. Workplace systems

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Exhibition dates

EMO, Hannover (Germany)
16. - 21. September

Kunststoffen (the netherlands)
25. - 26. September

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The next courses

Polishing courses:

07. - 08. October 2019
Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

12. - 13. November 2019
Halle (Germany)

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Welding courses:

05. - 08. October 2019
Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

06. - 08. November 2019
Halle (Germany)

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